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Arrestor 21A

(Code: 501-1012-120)
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Arrestor 21A

Gas Arrestor

This 3 pole over-voltage gas discharge tube (GDT) with fail safe is designed to fit into 5B type protection
magazines and protect telephone circuits.

Fits into standard 3 pole magazines (BT description "protector mounting 5B)

Manufactured to BT standard 21A, with a lower spark over-voltage than previous versions (e.g, 14A and 14A/1)

Lower spark over-voltage offers circuits greater protection while still allowing plenty of headroom above standard telecoms voltage

Totally non-radioactive over-voltage protection
Very high current handling capabilities
Designed to perform to ITU (formerly CCITT) K12
DC sparkover voltage: 150 250V
Minimum insulation resistance : 1000μΩ @ 100VDC
Maximum impulse sparkover voltage: 450V @ 1KV/ μS 
Maximum capacitance: 1.5pF @ 1μHz bias VDC line to ground
Minimum handover voltage: 100V (using ITU K12)
In trays of 100 then in cartons of 500
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