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BT43 DDF QT Plug

(Code: 201-5XXX-001)
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BT43 DDF QT Plug
Manufacturer: ITT Canon

The QT (Quick Termination) 75 ohm connector series was designed to meet the rigorous specifications of the telephony, broadcast and data communications industry. With only two components to handle, the QT connectors are easier to terminate than the current industry standard products while providing reliable electrical and mechanical performance.

Several innovative concepts and technologies are used in QT designs. The primary technological feature is a captivated center pin that provides a high pressure gas tight joint of exceptional mechanical and electrical integrity on solid center conductors; termination is achieved without crimping or soldering to the cables center conductor. The cable center conductor is terminated to the inner contact within the connector assembly by activating the QT (patented) mechanism using the simple plastic tool provided.

 Stock Code  Model Number  Outer Crimp Cable
 201-5235-001 W51-127-9049A9A
 4.52mm hex  AT&T735A
 201-5203-001 W51-127-9439A9A  6.81mm hex  BT2003
 201-5205-001 W51-127-9459A9A  4.52mm hex  BT3002
 201-5212-001 W51-127-9369A9A  4.52mm hex  CT1320/ST212
 201-5279-001 W51-127-9289A9A
 4.52mm hex  NCX
 201-5207-001 W51-127-9479A9A  5.18mm hex  RA 7000
 201-5208-001 W51-127-9059A9A  3.25mm hex  RA 8000
 201-5209-001 W51-127-9789A9A  --  RG59B/U
 201-5231-001 W51-127-9119A9A  3.25mm hex  Saturn
 201-5225-001 W51-127-9039A9A  4.52mm hex  2.5C-2V

Image shown is BT3002 Cable option