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HD100 Ultra Cable

(Code: 101-590053)
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HD100 Ultra CableApplication

Coaxial cables are suitable for many applications, including low power video, video signal and broadband signals. They are also used in high-frequency transmission, especially for transmitters and receivers, computers, radio and TV transmissions.

HD100 Ultra coax cable consists of a 1.00 mm solid plain copper conductor, foam polyethylene dielectric, copper foil tape, plain copper wire braid and a foil tape. Sheathed overall in LSNH.


BS EN 50117
BS EN 60332-1
Approval Certificate: CAI0068*
*Refers to Year code

Mechanical Characteristics
    Inner Conductor: 1.00 mm Plain Annealed Copper
    Dielectric: Foamed Polyethylene Insulation
    Screen: Plain Copper Foil Tape
    Screen: Plain Copper Wire Braid / Coverage >40%
    Screen:  Foil Tape 
Insulation Diameter: 4.80mm (Natural)
Sheath Diameter: 6.55 0.30mm
Storage/Operating Temperature: -15C to +70C
Minimum Installation Temperature:
Standard Reel Lengths:
100m / 250m / Custom Length
Electrical Characteristics
DC Resistance Inner Conductor:
≤ 26 ohm/km @ 20C
DC Resistance Outer Conductor:
≤ 15 ohm/km @ 20C
Characteristic Impedance:
75 3Ohm
55pF/m (nominal) 30V
Velocity Ratio:
Attenuation (d/B 100m @ 20C
5MHz <1.60
50MHz <4.60
 100MHz <6.50
 200MHz <9.50
 460MHz <15.0
 860MHz <19.5
 1000MHz <21.5
 1750MHz <29.0 
 Return Loss
 5 470MHz  ≥23
 470 862MHz  ≥20
 862 2150MHz  ≥18

 Stock Code  Jacket  Colour
 101-590053-WHT  LSZH  White
 101-590053-BLK  LSZH  Black
 101-590053-BRN  LSZH  Brown